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Why Should I Choose An Epoxy Floor, Anyway?
So, here’s the set-up. You’ve got this big commercial or industrial space that needs re-flooring. And some wise guy said something like this:
“You know, you should think about getting an epoxy floor. For your information, epoxy, also known as polyepoxide or resinous flooring, is a thermosetting polymer formed when a polyamine hardener reacts with an epoxide resin.”
And you said, “Thanks, Hubert, that makes me want to run right out and buy a few thousand square feet.”
Actually, epoxy is an extremely durable, cost-effective flooring option that will save you many hours of maintenance. Here are five very good reasons to consider an epoxy floor for your commercial or industrial location.
Epoxy is durable.
A quality epoxy floor is practically indestructible. If properly installed and maintained, it will remain in solid, usable condition for years. Heavy traffic, caustic chemicals, extreme temperatures, obsessive cleaning — those things really don’t matter to a well-installed epoxy floor. Bring on the punishment. Epoxy can handle it.
Epoxy is easy to clean.
Ever tried to grow mold on an ice cube? Epoxy’s seamless, non-porous, slick-as-a-whistle surface keeps dirt and bacteria from gaining a foothold. In addition, epoxy resists stains and can be quickly sponged off with a broom, mop, or scrub brush. No special cleaning treatments or chemical needed here.
Epoxy is safe.
You won’t fall down on the job with epoxy flooring. Epoxy floors are naturally non-slippery, and you can add a variety of textured coatings and finishes for even more traction. In addition, epoxy inhibits the growth of fungi, bacteria and mold, keeping your lungs safe, too.
Epoxy looks great.
There’s a color and texture of epoxy out there for everyone. No matter what kind of venue you’re flooring, you can find a shade of epoxy to match.
Epoxy covers a multitude of sins.
A skilled contractor can install epoxy over practically anything. If you’re trying to cover up wood, concrete, tile, VCT or most other varieties of commercial and industrial floors, epoxy is your answer.
From auto dealers to warehouses, schools to airports to garages, epoxy really has it covered. Why waste time with other flooring varieties that have higher long-term installment and maintenance costs, as well as greater health and safety risks? Maybe you should listen to Hubert and consider epoxy for your next major flooring project.